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Surviving the New Google+

Google Plus - Surviving the New Google Plus

Google did it again, and if you haven't noticed yet, then you're sure to soon.  They claim that they've made Google plus more streamlined and easier to use, but for some of us the changes are extremely clunky and confusing. Some may throw up their hands and admit defeat, but Google business pages are important!  If you utilize them properly, they rank high in search and pull traffic in to your website.

Is Drupal User Friendly?

Is Drupal User Friendly?

“I’d rather have a Wordpress site because my friends say that Drupal is too hard to use"
“I heard that Drupal is extremely difficult and slow"
“I’m not sure if I want to use Drupal, Wordpress is more popular isn’t it?"
“It’s too hard to set different permission levels for users in Drupal"
“Drupal can’t do blogs!"
I hear a lot of questions from my clients about Drupal. What is it, how does it work, and why would I use it over Wordpress. Well I’m not here to bash Wordpress. Wordpress is a very similar system and it works very well for websites. What I’m going to do is give you the information on why after a ton of research I chose Drupal as the CMS I would specialize in.

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

Getting your site to pop up in the map results in Google Search is a very important place to be. Of course it's almost impossible to be there for every single keyword or key phrase you want, but you can greatly improve your Google map performance by narrowing down to the keywords or phrases that are the most important to your business. Now one of your best chances of getting higher in Google is to create and cultivate a Google Plus page, and you will be automatically added to Google Maps.  Because Google is a narcissist, it loves its self and all of it's own content!

The Lowly Footer

The Lowly Footer, Lowly Worm, Richard Scary

Footers. Yup, footers. As a designer it can be the last thing you think about, but still a very important part of the site and shouldn’t be slapped together last minute.
A footer is your last word - and many sites use this as their social connection hub, filling it full of ways that a client can connect with the company. A more traditional approach is to fill the footer full of the menu items, which has also been a time honoured SEO tactic that allows you to say a keyword on the page again, but has started to fall out of favour with the simple streamlined sites of today.

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