Surviving the New Google+

Google Plus - Surviving the New Google Plus

Google did it again, and if you haven't noticed yet, then you're sure to soon.  They claim that they've made Google plus more streamlined and easier to use, but for some of us the changes are extremely clunky and confusing. Some may throw up their hands and admit defeat, but Google business pages are important!  If you utilize them properly, they rank high in search and pull traffic in to your website.

If you're like me, you have a business page, or multiple business pages that you need to get to, and you used to be able to click "places" and voila, your business pages would show.  Not so anymore!  Let me take you through a couple of basics of the new Google+.

Google + old Navbar
The old Google+ navigation bar

Google Plus new Navigation Bar 2016
The new Google+ navigation bar

The three lines on the top left of the navigation bar now opens into your new menu.  You'll see that the new menu is missing some important functions, like "Events" "Hangouts" and most important for business owners - "Pages".

Google+ old menu    Google+ new menu

Ug!  So where do we go to find out business pages?  What if I need to do a hangout call with my client or family member?  Well, here's where it is!


Making events in the new Google+ is only available to the andoid app.  In order to make events on a computer, you'll have to switch back to the classic Google+.  Strange?  Yes.  Confusing? Definately!


If you were getting to Hangouts through Google+, you're going to be shocked.  The new Google+ doesn't include Hangouts. To use Hangouts, visit the hangouts homepage or download the Hangouts app.

Google+ Pages and Google+ Business

So where did Google+ pages go?  How can I manage my Google+ business page?  Well, here it is!  If you click on your image in the top right of the Google+ navbar, you'll see all the pages you own and/or manage.  Clicking on the business page listing will take you to the business's wall so that you can add new posts.  Clicking on the "All your Google+ Pages" link at the bottom will take you to the brand new Google My Business Dashboard.

Google+ Profile and Page Dropdown Menu

Google My Business Dashboard

The Google My Business Dashboard is found at and contains a list of both your locations and your brand pages.

 Google My Business Dashboard

At the top you'll see the same 3-line menu bar that gives you a wealth of menu options.

Google My Business Menu

Each verified location has a map with 2 links - "Manage Location" and "View Location", whereas an unverified location will only have "Manage Location".

google My business - Location map

"Manage Location" takes the user to the regular backend pages you'll be used to where it allows you to see analytics, change your business profile, see your reviews and manage photos.

"View Location" doesn't take you to where you expect - it takes you to a Google Search page for your business.  I would have expected this link to take you to the actual business wall page where you can make posts, but to get to the business postings you'll need to click on "Manage Location" and then use the profile icon in the top right.

Google My Business Profile Menu

Once the dropdown menu comes up - you have to click on the profile IMAGE. The "My Business" link is where you currently are - the management area.  This one had me stumped for a while.  If you know of an easier way to get from the management area to the posting wall, please let us know below!

If you have any questions or would like any further details on how to navigate or manage your Google+ page, please comment below! 

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