Missing Drupal Block 'Gear'

Missing Drupal Block Gear menu

If you're new to Drupal development you'll probably at some point encounter the missing block 'gear'.  The Gear being that nifty little drop down menu that appears in the top right corner of your block that gives you quick access to a drop down edit menu for the block or view.

Drupal Block Menu Gear

If you're hovering over your blocks and you find that the gear won't appear then there are 2 things you should check.

1.  The output of the block gear is created by the contextual links module.  Ensure that you have the Contextual links module turned on.

2.  If the contextual links module is turned on, then the problem is probably with your permissions.  Check that you've given yourself the proper permissions to edit context and blocks.

Best of luck with your site build!

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